Scholarship and Grants

Ravenna Community Educational Foundation (RCEF) has established this scholarship with the intent to help a graduate of Ravenna Public Schools to achieve their goals of attending and completing a course of study at any accredited university, college, trade/vocational school or any institution that provides a post-secondary education. The intent is not to necessarily reward the most gifted student in any one area but to award the scholarship to the one who has shown a passion to be well-rounded intellectually, morally, physically, and socially. The scholarship amount for the school year will be $500. From 1 November to 1 March of each year, the scholarship application can be downloaded at On that site, click on "Receive" then "Scholarships" and then "How to Apply". This is the Community Foundation For Muskegon County (CFFMC) web site and the site through which RCEF funnels its applications.


Ravenna Community Educational Foundation
Grants Policies and Procedures
One facet of the Ravenna Community Educational Foundation’s (RCEF) mission is to distribute financial and other resources to enhance or supplement educational opportunities for Ravenna students and residents. To better define this dispersion of resources the RCEF Board of Trustees has established the following policies and procedures.

Policy for Grants

To provide enhanced educational opportunities for the Ravenna community, RCEF offers the following grants:

  • Mini Grants (value up to $500) are awarded by the RCEF Board of Trustees.
  • Student Initiated Grants (value up to $500) must be initiated by one or more students and will be
    awarded by the RCEF trustees.
  • Special Grants - are determined yearly by the RCEF Board of Trustees based upon need and funds availability.

The amount of grant funds available each year will be based upon a recommendation by the Treasurer as part of the overall budget development process and board approval.
Many factors are considered in reviewing grant applications, but the RCEF Board of Trustees will look more favorably upon grants that:

  • Impact a large number of learners
  • Are creative and innovative in nature
  • Include items that can be used more than one year
  • Are new start-up programs
    (exceptions can be made at the discretion of the RCEF Board of Trustees)

Conversely, the RCEF Board of Trustees prefers not to approve grants involving consumable items such as food, t-shirts, prizes, etc.

Grant requests by Ravenna Public Schools staff that involve technology related items (software, hardware, peripherals, etc.) must have prior approval of the Technology Department.
All items approved by the RCEF Board of Trustees are intended for use as outlined in the grant application and as such are considered the property of the school district or other entity and not the individual applicant(s).

It is requested that where possible items purchased with RCEF funds be stamped or tagged to reflect the contribution of RCEF. Such a stamp or tag should say, for example, “Provided by Ravenna Community Educational Foundation for the benefit of Ravenna Public Schools or St. Catherine School.”
Payment – Upon completion of the approved grant, payment will be made as follows: If you wish to order through the Ravenna Public Schools in order to use their tax exempt number the following must occur:
1. Fill out a requisition form. Be sure your grant number and the RCEF account number, 11E 331 5111 0000, are on the form.
2. Send your form to: Ann Shavalier, Business Manager, Administration Office She will fill out a purchase order and send a copy to you. Please return the copy to Ann once the order is complete so she can bill RCEF.

If you wish to purchase your item(s) yourself:
1. Please send/bring all receipts to Ann Shavalier in the Business office of Ravenna Public Schools.
2. Please include to whom and where the reimbursement check should be sent.
All payment submissions must be made prior to April 30th of the school year in which the grant is approved. Grants will NOT carry over to the following year unless there are extenuating circumstances which prevent completion of the grant as scheduled. In such cases the RCEF Board of Trustees can approve a payment extension.

You may download the application for mini-grants here: