RCEF Website annual report 2007

4 December 2007

To: RCEF Trustee Board

Subject: Annual Report for the Ravenna Community Educational Foundation (RCEF) Website

1. I was tasked with establishing a web site for RCEF that would allow the community to view the activities of the foundation in a passive mode, allow the board to give detailed RCEF information to the community and also give an opportunity for the public to donate on line to RCEF via the Community Foundation of Muskegon County. These mandates have been accomplished.
2. The website is www.RavennaFoundation.org or www.RavennaFoundation.com). It has an edit capability and certain parts of the pages can be edited as events change and as new information needs to be added.
3. No money has been spent to date on the website. The 20 August 2007 RCEF board meeting allocated $1,000 or less to be spent in calendar year 2007 for the establishment and maintenance of the website. Thus far, Sickles Consulting (Jeff Sickles) has not submitted for payment, though charges will probably be forthcoming around the first of the year. Sickles Consulting is located in East Hampton, CT.
4. There will always be annual costs associated with maintaining a website. There is a small annual fee to continue to own the website addresses. Most of the cost in a website however is found in building the actual website and any major revisions that are performed thereafter.
5. Goals for 2008. It is expected that the website will be utilized to allow people to signup for the upcoming flag football tournament. The site will allow participants to see the football rules, get directions and pay on-line. Another goal for 2008 is to establish an archival area where all past minutes of RCEF meetings will be housed. Additionally, any significant documents for RCEF will be housed there.

Respectfully submitted,

Ken Punter
RCEF Trustee