RCEF Minutes of 23 October 2018

Call to Order
*Meeting Called to order by President Mary Patterson about 6:30 p.m. in the lower floor of Swanson Pickle Company.
Roll Call
*Attending were trustees Mary Patterson, Mike Pierson, Ken Patterson Sr., Dee Swanson, Jason Helsen, Adam
Sheridan, Denny Emery, Marty Heiss, Ken Punter and Paul Borgman; Mary Arends was absent.
Approval of the Agenda
*The agenda was approved unanimously on motion by Adam with support from Ken Patterson.
Approval of Minutes
*Minutes of the September 11, 2018 meeting were unanimously approved on motion by Denny with support from Dee.
Correspondence-No correspondence.
Financial Report
*Jason reported a balance in the checking account of $1,289.79.
*Bills included $350 to Sickles Consulting for web services and to MICR Graphics for $82.04.
*Fund balance at the end of quarter 3 was $202, 380.78, up from $198,654.92 at the end of quarter 2.
*Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved on motion by Marty with support from Ken Patterson.
Old Business
*Thanks to Ken and Ken for participating in the Homecoming parade representing RCEF. It was noted that there is a Christmas
parade being planned for December 1.
New Business
*Grant request from Angelina Jerome was turned down 6-4 on a roll call vote, Yes: Jason, Mary Patterson, Dee and Marty; No: Ken Punter, Paul Borgman, Adam, Denny, Ken Patterson and Mike. Reason for denial: Science lesson only teaching evolution.
*Grant Request from Amy Christensen, $300 for Math Counts, passed unanimously on motion by Ken Punter with support from Jason.
Taste of Ravenna-is set for Thursday November 1 at Moss Ridge.
Auction items include a 20” x 24” decorative Bulldog mirror from Paul Borgman, antique industrial drawer set from Ken Punter, bench from Ken Patterson. MSU basketball tickets from Sheri Jones plus $200 gift certificate for Mariott from Ken and Mary
Patterson; 2 tickets to Mona Shores Christmas tree lighting, 2 tickets to West Shore Symphony Christmas Concert, outdoor set up from Mary Arends, Michigan, Michigan State parking meters from Mike and Karen Barker.
Food will be from Ryke’s one more year, Dee is making arrangements.
Presentations-Jim Linck’s twin brother Paul will introduce him for the Distinguished Alumni award. Tom Herremans will be
introduced by a friend of his from Michigan Milk Producers.
National Honor Society-students will be requested to help.
Set Up-Wednesday October 31, 1 p.m.
Door Prizes-Denny suggested a couple bottles of wine and 2 tickets for the 2019 Taste of Ravenna event….will do.
Basket Descriptions including market value are sent to Mary Patterson at mary@ravennalumber.com
Tickets-Over 100 have been sold.
*The RCEF has donated $5,705 in grants and scholarships in 2018; $44,380.77 since it’s inception in 2007.
*Next Meeting-was set for Tuesday November 27, 6:30 p.m. at Swanson Pickle Company.
*Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m. on motion by Ken Patterson with support from Adam.
Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Pierson-secretary

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