RCEF Minutes of 20 August 2019

Ravenna Community Educational Foundation
Proposed Minutes- Regular Meeting April 23, 2019
Call to Order
*Meeting Called to order by President Mary Patterson, 6:30 p.m. at Ravenna Lumber Company.
Roll Call
*Attending were trustees Mary Patterson, Mike Pierson, Ken Patterson Sr., Jason Helsen, Denny Emery, Ken Punter, Mary Arends, Justin Wilson and Marty Heiss; Paul Borgman and Adam Sheridan were absent.
Approval of the Agenda
*The agenda was approved unanimously on motion by Marty with support from Jason.
Approval of Minutes
*Minutes of the April 23, 2019 meeting were unanimously approved on motion by Denny with support from Ken Patterson.
Correspondence-A thank you was received from Tammi Kantola and Destination Imagination. Several letters from the student team members were included.
*Thank you letters were received from scholarship recipients Skyler Conran who will attend Central Michigan University and Chris-tina House who will attend Michigan State University. Each received a $1,000 scholarship from RCEF.
Financial Report
*Jason reported the fund balance as of June 30, 2019 at $222,285.55 (thought to be our highest point); Mini-grant disbursements for the 2018-2019 school year totaled $4,598. Investment activity in the 2nd quarter resulted in gains of $6,975.31; administrative fees of $829.43 were paid.
*Fund balance January 1, 2019 $200,058.58.
*Largest donations of 2nd quarter: Rob Nista-$150, Jessica Zayaz-$60; many donations from staff payroll deductions.
*Donation April 23: $1,000 from Arends Farms.
*Jason reported a balance in the checking account as of April 23, 2019 was $1,911.84.
*Budget spendable balance remaining in 2019-$1,693.
*Treasurer’s report was unanimously approved on motion by Mary Arends with support from Marty.
President’s Report
*Grant requests approved via e-mail: Tammi Kantola-Destination Imagination $200 each for 6 teams unanimously approved on mo-tion by Mary Arends with support from Ken Patterson.
Old Business
Dog Daze-Mary Patterson reported purchasing 800 bottles of water and distributing 700. The remainder went to Mary’s Lunch. Mary and Ken, Denny and Barb, Mike and Adam distributed.
Web Site-Justin will talk with Ryun Landheer about being our webmaster.
*Mike noted that the data base of all Ravenna High School graduates by year was still being worked on by Melissa Thatcher.
New Business
*Welcome was extended to new board member Justin Wilson, Ravenna High School principal.
*Justin will introduce the RCEF at the school opening luncheon August 26 and Mike will talk about our activities. Ken Punter moved with support from Mary Patterson to donate 2 tickets to Taste of Ravenna for the school opening luncheon; unanimously
Taste of Ravenna-Thursday November 7-Ken Patterson and Denny will contact Moss Ridge about dates and beverages; Mary
Arends is in charge of food this year. We agreed to have the same menu.
*All tickets will be $25 this year, no 2 for $45; unanimously approved on motion by Ken Punter with support from; Mary Arends.
*Live auction items to be explored: Muskegon package (Mike will contact Justin Pelham), wine rack-Ken Patterson, Karen Barker-MSU bags?, Shari Jones-MSU sports tickets.
*Master of Ceremonies-Greg Helmer? Justin will ask him; Mike will introduce.
*Justin will check on the sound system.
Distinguished Alumni for 2019 is Ken Patterson Sr. (RHS 1954); unanimously approved on motion by Denny with support from Marty.
Memorial Alumni-for 2019 is Mary Thatcher. Mike will contact her niece Melissa Thatcher. Mary Patterson will contact Susie McFarren about speaking about Mary Thatcher.
*Next Meeting-was set for Tuesday September 17, 2019, 6:30 p.m. at Ravenna Lumber Company.
*Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m. on motion by Mary Arends with support from Marty.
Respectfully Submitted,
Michael Pierson-secretary

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