RCEF Grant Scholarship Committee 2007

December 17, 2007

Ravenna Community Educational Foundation
Grants/Scholarship Committee
2007 Annual Report

Committee Members: Ken Punter, Jason Helsen and Karen Barker

We developed Grant and Scholarship applications. As we were just forming and financially we needed to get our first $10,000 donated to be a true part of the Muskegon County Community Foundation, we decided to only give out one student scholarship this year. It was as much a public relations issue as helping a senior get help with college. We wanted people to know the RCEF had been formed and in the process of taking donations to make a difference in our educational sites in the community.

Attached are the applications we adopted as a board. Our first recipient of the RCEF Student Scholarship was John Miller who is attending Grand Valley State University. The scholarship was in the amount of $500.

When the RCEF gets the $10,000 to be “established” according to Muskegon County Community Foundation we will talk about beginning our teacher and student grants that can be used in the schools and classrooms and increase the number of grants as money allows.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Barker, Chair
Grants/Scholarships Committee