Ravenna Community Foundation Tops $200,000 in Contributions.

RCEF topped the $200,000 mark in available funds in the 4th quarter of 2107. The statement received from the Community Foundation for Muskegon County showed that we have received strong support from the community and good dividends from our funds entrusted to CFFMC. Our mission is not to collect donated money and increase our fund balance. We are called to help with the education of Ravenna students. To that end however, the larger our fund balance, the more we can give. We have the stated goal of putting at least 4% of our funds back into the Ravenna Education system every year. Obviously, the larger the fund balance, the more we give back to the community through the schools. Thanks to every person who has been so diligent in making our mission to help Ravenna Schools an unqualified success.