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President's Report 2017

January 30, 2018

From: Mary Patterson, 2017 President of Ravenna Community Educational Foundation
Subject: 2017 RCEF Year End Report

1. The RCEF annual “Taste of Ravenna” was once again the main event of the year. This year we had approximately 142 people attend. We had a wonderful assortment of items donated for both the silent auction and live auction resulting in a very successful evening. Mr. Donald Swanson, on behalf of the RCEF, presented the 2017 distinguished alumni to Mr. Ralph Rogers and the 2017 memorial alumnus recipient was Mr. Burt Kennedy.
2. The RCEF fund balance as of December 31, 2017 is $204,832.05.
3. We awarded two $1000 scholarships, the recipients were Brian Thompson and Alexis MacKay.
4. We funded seven mini-grants: Grant Parker FFA -Musketawa Trails Signs, Dan Eisenhauer and Clark Kantola – science equipment, Melissa Gemmill and Wendi DeJonge – Kindergarten reading program, Kristi May – Art Pride displays, Shari Luce – STEM
5. We approved funding to have Melissa Thatcher update the alumni data base.
6. We voted to have the scholarship interview responsibilities turned over to the Muskegon Community Foundation. Changes to our scholarship criteria were made and approved. We will continue to present two $1000 scholarships annually with one of the scholarships going to a student attending a vocational or trade school.
7. We participated in the Dog Daze event in July. RCEF members handed out complimentary waters. We had a RCEF representative at the Back to School breakfast for The Ravenna Public School staff informing them of our grants available to provide enriched classroom experiences.
8. Officer elections were held for 2018: Mary Patterson, President; Dennis Emery, Vice-President; Jason Helsen, Treasurer; Mike Pierson, Secretary; Trustees are: Mary Arends, Marty Heiss, Ken Patterson, Ken Punter, Dee Swanson.
9. 2018 promises to be another wonderful year for the RCEF. As our fund continues to grow it enables us to provide more grants to insure the students in our community receive an excellent education. Thank you to our community for their generous support of the RCEF.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Patterson

RCEF 2015 President's End of Year Report

RCEF 2014 Treasurer's Annual Reprt

April 21, 2015 meeting
Treasurer’s report

2014 Year-End Financial Report:
Our 2014 year-end fund balance was $145,349.63. With a beginning balance of $123,202.18, we surpassed the $125,000 milestone in fund balance in 2014, another major financial accomplishment. We received $25,001.87 in donations, experienced $6,548.62 in investment gains as the stock market had another good year, paid $1,925.89 in investment and management fees, and disbursed $7,477.15 in grants and scholarships.
At December 31, 2014, we had 171 donors on record, up from 151 one year ago, and 100 of them are at the Silver level or higher ($100+ in donations). We have three Sapphire level donors, up from one a year ago, with Thomas Anton and Donald and Dee Swanson joining GripTrac Inc, reaching the $10,000+ level in donations.
Taste of Ravenna 2014 produced total revenue of over $8,500 and a net income of approximately $5,573. Approximately 185 tickets were sold to the event. This was our best event yet in terms of fundraising and attendance and will help us grow our fund balance and also provide us some opportunities for grants and scholarships in 2015 and beyond.
Our 2014 year-end checking account balance was $1,607.31, with no outstanding transactions. This is after all Taste of Ravenna bills have been paid, and after we deposited a whopping $5,573 in proceeds from Taste of Ravenna into our fund.

Current Fund balance:
Our first quarter 2015 statement was recently released. Our fund balance as of March 31, 2015 is $148,686.12. First quarter contributions were $172, investment activity resulted in gains of $3,710.04, and administrative fees of $545.55 were deducted.
Checking account:
Our checking account balance as of the April 15, 2015, statement is $1,257.31. There are no outstanding checks and all known bills including the PO box and website fee have been paid.
Recent bills paid:
The last check written was $350 to Sickles Consulting, 2/10/2015.
Recent donations of note:
4th quarter 2014 (if not already noted in 12/16/2014 meeting report):
Thomas Anton, $3,000
Kenneth and Mary Patterson, $1,500
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Farr, $1,000
Jack and Mary Arends, $500
Dennis and Barb Emery, $500
Since April 1, 2015:
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Link, $500 (Link scholarship)

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